ALAEU-10579 / WALA00009595


DOEDELS4YOU Irresistible Veerle

This little apricot dog is a daughter of Chanou. She wanted to see the world after being in her mother's womb for 9 weeks because her sister Liz was not yet fully born when she already stuck her head out: here I am.

Veerle is lightning fast just like her mother, is very sweet, listens well, is eager to learn and loves to play but above all she loves to cuddle. She lives with lovely host parents who take very loving care of her.

She prefers to jump on the couch and lie down with you and cuddle. She is doing exemplary at dog training and is learning her commands well.
If the childminder has to work in the garden, she remains seated and does not run away. The children also love her, knowing that they were so afraid of dogs and so she does not lack anything for this sweet girl.
Veerle has remained small with her sweet black beady eyes.