DOEDELS4YOU Favorite Flower Bandhu

Bandhu is our Emma's son and I fell in love immediately when he was born. 

Bandhu... friend in Nepali: so sweet and so calm. Can enjoy herself alone and is a true friend to everyone. I had been looking for suitable childminders for some time, which was not easy during the holidays, but I believe that the right people will come my way and so also with Bandhu. Very happy with these very sweet host parents where he received a golden basket.

He can be deployed by fellow breeders affiliated with the WALA/ALAEU


geboortedatum: 8 juni 2022

Maat: kleine medium

Kleur: extreme parti / rood

Kleurcode: BBee

Vacht: fleece

Oogtest: clear

Pennhip: 0.39

OFA elbow: negative

Patella: vrij

Prcd PRA: vrij

DM: vrij

EIC: vrij

IC: vrij