DOEDELS4YOU Irresistible Lovely Summer Djezz

What a cute dog! Daughter of our Liz and Vince. Their first litter with 4 beautiful puppies of which Djezz is the only girl. Her full name is Summer Djezz. One of Liz's host parents' boys wanted to call her Summer. Yellow band of the sun and born in summer. How wonderfully thought out. However, we like unusual names and so Djezz was added. 

Djezz is a cheerful guy, always happy, can play alone, is enterprising, not easily scared, but can also make her voice heard when she wants something. She is a copy of her mother in terms of coat colors... a beautiful parti girl.

She lives with very sweet guardians who just came across our path and who are very happy with her. She's having a good time there.
She has now been approved for a while and will succeed her mother Liz, who has retired.