Waltzing Mathilda's Quintessential Quinn

There he is... our Yankee doodle with his beautiful big black eyes and beautiful red fleece coat. His character is: amazing!!

We were allowed to pick him up at Schiphol where he arrived with the breeder who brought him. He was allowed to fly business class and behaved more than exemplary on the plane. He is a very sweet boy with a gentle character.

Loves to cuddle a lot, give kisses and prefers to sit on my lap. He listens like a charm, walks with a loose leash, plays lovingly with his companions from large to small and looks at you sweetly with his beautiful dark eyes. 

Unfortunately I had to give him up again a day later, but we know that he is in the loving hands of super sweet host parents. 

We are very happy with this champ. 

ALAEU-11249 / WALA00019429

geboortedatum: 2 juli 2019

Maat: medium

Kleur: rood

Kleurcode: Bbee

Vacht: wavy fleece

Oogtest: clear

OFA hips: good

OFA elbow: negative

Patella: vrij

Prcd PRA: vrij

DM: vrij

EIC: vrij

IC: vrij