Animal insurance

Pet insurance? Definitely worth considering!
We often get questions about pet insurance. Does it make sense to take out pet insurance for your dog or cat? Wouldn't it be better to start saving? Do they pay out? Logical questions that we are happy to answer.
Can you pay an unexpected expense of around € 1,500 without worries? Then it may not be necessary to take out insurance. But that is not always possible for everyone. By taking out pet insurance, you, as the owner of your sweet dog or cat, know that you are well prepared for unexpected medical costs. A nice certainty. For you and for your pet.

The OHRA Pet Insurance
OHRA offers pet insurance that insures your dog or cat against medically necessary costs.
The most important benefits of the OHRA Pet Insurance at a glance:
- Insured against medically necessary costs
- Choose your vet yourself
- Get your money back quickly
- Specialized team
- Easily declare online in My OHRA
- All breeds and crossbreeds are welcome
- Extra security through additional coverage
- Determine the amount of your premium yourself, choose how much you want to be reimbursed.

You will find more information on the OHRA website. Here you can calculate the premium yourself and easily take out insurance online. 
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