Therapy dog

​​As a therapy dog ​​or assistance dog, the Australian Labradoodle has proven that he/she is extremely suitable for use by people who need support in many different areas. By breeding for character, we try to contribute to delivering a suitable therapy dog ​​if there is a demand for it.
Australian Labradoodles are very sensitive and therefore very suitable as a therapy dog ​​or assistance dog. Especially for children on the autistic spectrum, this breed can be well trained to guide them in what the child needs. We will always check whether a litter contains a suitable puppy that can be used as a therapy or assistance dog. We are happy to assist families who register with us with this request for assistance. 
Various goals can be achieved by using a therapy dog. Below are some examples: behavioral development, self-confidence, motivation and communication, encouraging exercise and so on. It is mainly the high cuddly content that makes this breed so special and attractive, as well as the intelligence they have from the poodle.

The Australian Labradoodle is a fantastic dog that quickly becomes a real friend to adults and children. You will quickly grow to love this dog. They are real 'pleasers'. This means that they like to do their best to please their boss. But they are also very intuitive, which makes them suitable as therapy dogs.
In addition, they are very intuitive and can sense exactly who needs extra help. Sick, sad, depressed, physically disabled, they quickly target these people because they feel this. 
For this reason, the dog is often used as an assistance or therapy dog. Not only for people with a visual or intellectual disability, but especially for people with emotional problems or behavioral disorders.
The special thing about the Australian Labradoodle is that they make eye contact with you and look deeply into your eyes. They also enjoy being around people and are very good with children.  
The Australian Labradoodle is the ideal family dog!