DOEDELS4YOU Irresistible Lovely Little Morris

This little guy is our handsome male in our breeding program and a son of our Veerle and Vince. We are so happy with this nice boy. 

He loves to play, is not afraid of anything and enjoys being outside. He has a nice open character with a beautiful apricot-colored fleece coat. He is super sweet but also very enterprising. He can eat like the best and he is doing great in training.

Morris lives with his dad Vince, where he is doing very well with his lovely host parents. Like any puppy, he can be very challenging and therefore also to daddy Vince, who regularly has to lose out to this little rascal.



geboortedatum: 5 augustus 2021

Maat: kleine medium 44 cm

Kleur: abrikoos

Kleurcode: BBee, N/N, D/D, KB/KB, at/a, I/i

Vacht: fleece

Oogtest: clear

Pennhip: 0.49

OFA elbow: negative

Patella: normal

Prcd PRA: normal

DM: normal

EIC: normal

IC: normal