Playground Labradoodles Gorgeous Spencer

This sweet doodle just came our way. 

For our breeding program we wanted a male with a brown nose and of all the males from the litter there was only 1. That couldn't be a coincidence, it had to be that way and we are very happy with this stunner.
He is a sweet boy with a calm character, doesn't worry about anything when things are busy and looks for his own place. In addition, he is very people-oriented > which I think is a nice characteristic. He is eager to learn and understands everything immediately. He was potty trained in a week, now knows many commands, walks along with you with and without a leash and finds everything interesting along the way. 
He lives with lovely host parents who are very happy with him and who faithfully train with him.
He can be deployed by fellow breeders affiliated with the WALA/ALAEU

ALAEU-12210 / WALA00067079

geboortedatum: 28 mei 2020

Maat: kleine medium

Kleur: caramel

Kleurcode: bbee

Vacht: fleece

Oogtest: clear

OFA hips: good

OFA elbow: negative

Patella: vrij

Prcd PRA: vrij

DM: vrij

EIC: vrij

IC: vrij