ALAEU-14144 / WALA00066917


DOEDELS4YOU 't Woold Playfull Lona

She was born on a very special night for me.

Lona was born from a combination of Zari and Quinn. Zari could not leave my mother's side because she was terminal. She watched over her until the last second and once she died, there was time to give birth. 4 hours after my dear mother passed away, a beautiful black girl arrived first. We had hoped for this so much and our wish was fulfilled. She later turned out to be the only black puppy with brown locks. She is a phantom carrier.

She should be called Lona, named after Erwin's great-grandmother and it suits her perfectly. Sweet and special, super intelligent, very cuddly and a great friend of our Emma, ​​who would become my mother's assistance dog. 

She will of course continue to live with us and we named her after my mother and Zari: DOEDELS4YOU 't Woold Playfull Lona.