Guardians are those families who would like to take care of one of our doodles and do so with as much love as we do here at home. Since we cannot keep all the dogs in our home, we enjoy working with childminders.
We would like to continue this beautiful breed, the Australian Labradoodle, in a serious way and are always looking for new lines. If there is a beautiful and suitable puppy from a combination, we would like to keep it. This is only possible if we have host parents who care for our dogs with the same intention and passion and who ultimately become the property of the host parents after they have completed the breeding program. Different rules apply to a female than to a male.
Before our puppies can be used as breeding dogs, they are first inspected when they are 1 year old for hips, elbows, eyes, etc. If they pass these inspections, a bitch from 16 months of age can be used as a breeding dog. This means that host parents of a bitch have to miss their puppy approximately every 14 months. Even is then approximately 8 weeks. That seems like a long time, but you can come very often and you will always have the privilege of admiring and cuddling those little dots of doodles when they are a bit older. When a breeding bitch is ready, she can be used for up to 7 years, she automatically transfers ownership to the host parents.

If you become a guardian of a male dog, he will also be inspected at the age of 1 and if he passes the inspections, he can also be used immediately after that year in our breeding program. The difference with a female is that a male stays with the host parents and must be ready when he is needed. A male can be used for a very long time and will therefore later be owned as a female.
For both a male and a female, we would like host parents to live no more than 30 minutes away from us. This is because we want them to remain familiar with the pack here in the house and that they can come and play here on a regular basis.
The costs of food, insurance and veterinarian are borne by the host parents. Experience shows that the feeling will be as if it is your own dog. Only on paper she remains with Doedels4you until she is finished. All costs incurred regarding breeding are at our expense.
What we find very important is that our breeding dogs end up well and are surrounded with the same love as we do here. That is why we would like to meet host parents with the whole family first to see if there is a connection.
If you think... yes, that is something for our family, please complete the contact form so that we can get to know each other better after making an appointment.