Caring for the coat is an important matter for your dog, but also for you as its owner. With longer coats such as doodles, it is necessary to brush weekly with a good brush to prevent felt formation. This is a 'zen' moment for you with your four-legged friend and it deepens your bond with them.
A good shampoo to wash them wonderfully, a water blower to blow dry them or blow sand out, brushes for your puppy to adult dog and various other things can be ordered from us.
You can come to me to have your doodle trimmed. I do this with scissors and not with clippers. Guaranteed that you will receive a beautifully trimmed bag in return. I also give fun, interesting workshops to learn how to brush and trim your doodle yourself.
If you would like to have your bag trimmed or are interested in a workshop, please let me know and I will provide further information. Please complete the form below.