ALAEU-11779 / WALA00019651


Dogs Paradise Pennsylvania Maya

This sweet cutie with her beautiful beady eyes happened to cross our path. When we saw her we immediately fell in love. We brought her into our home when she was 7 months old and she has now gotten used to our whole family and the pack very well.

Maya means: love. Well, she radiates that and she is also super sweet. Soft in nature, affectionate, happy and prefers to lie on the couch with her sweet host parents. She is very funny because she can kick her front legs so nicely when she gets her food, for example. She is certainly smart because we taught her various commands in 2 days. When she goes for a walk she lets you know that she is still there and keeps tapping your legs. At the back of the garden she runs through the meadow like a deer, which is a beautiful sight. 

She has a beautiful dark red fleece coat that flutters beautifully in the wind and she scores highly when she is taken for walks. A real beauty!