As you may know, grooming is one of the most important things when you bring or have a puppy at home. That starts with good brushing from the moment you bring your puppy home. You take your puppy on your arm and slowly let him get used to the brush. Most use a green activet, but I recommend the gold activet because it is more flexible and gives more so that your puppy gets used to his weekly brushing more easily. This brush is much nicer, especially for the paws. From the age of 1 year I recommend the red brush. If you only brush superficially, it will start to felt from the skin. An annoying and painful experience for your dog, where in the worst case the clippers will have to do their job.

If you have difficulty brushing, you can request a brushing workshop from me.
I had the trimming of our doodles done externally once and it was the first and last time. I could no longer see that I had an Australian Labradoodle and that made me start trimming our doodles myself. I have taught myself all the techniques and now also trim doodles outside our pack. If you would also like to trim your own bag, which is really fun, I would love to hear from you and we will schedule an appointment to get started together.
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