ALAEU-12185 / WALA00049938


Doodlelaar Adorable Sterre

This is a girl her name is earned! She is a true star in our breeding program, after the overcoming of the various things that they wouldn't be as fine or fun as a baby. Thanks to our gedragstherapeute, and our dear host family, where Zari is a living, she has the mantrailing is done by the female, causing her a lot of good features. She was friendly and helpful, and, as I was born.

Star has developed into a beautiful girl, and is always happy to go to training, and listens like a tierelier. They can get along very well with her girlfriend, Zari. Together, to abide in them for hours on the sofa or in a basket of dirty laundry, and she is happy to be with you on your lap, in order to gekroeld-to-be.

Star is a small, medium, and has a lovely dark brown hair fleecevacht.